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Started in 2015 as a means to create exciting games for my friends to enjoy. I decided to take it further by sharing my ideas with the rest of the world.

Since then the whole thing snowballed into the mental venture that is Everdark. It takes up most of my time…. no. wait… ALL of my time. However, I love every moment of it.

So it is 2018 and we are getting ready to launch Everdark… I am nervous as hell… Let’s do this!

Lead Designer for Everdark: Ed

As founder of Edventure Games and lead designer for Everdark, I have a varied background of careers and experiences. The multitude of paths I have taken has allowed me to have the knowledge and confidence to take this company forward and develop games independently. I am based in the city of London (I am a displaced Northerner!) and studied product design at Loughborough University 2009 – 2012 and went into education to inspire others to follow design! Only… I also inspired myself too, and decided to get back into the design world and make something new and exciting! So here I am… Learning so much as I go along. I am a very creative mind and write creatively (and privately) in my spare time. This diverse and expensive verse of worlds I have created will give me a bottomless of unique IP and concepts to design games from, which should make for an exciting catalogue of future games, which should bring a fresh take to the board game market. 2018 onwards is going to be a very exciting year, and I am honoured that you're here to be a part of the Edventure with me!

Lead Designer for Playground Politics: Jason

He will post a short blob of textness here shortly. I will chase him about this shortly. :)

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Got a question? Send an email to: info@edventuregames.co.uk

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