Frequently asked questions

Q. Why is Everdark taking so long?

A. The answer has some complexity behind it, which basically comes down to me being one person, and my personal life heavily gets in the way of progress. The dream is this can become my fulltime job, so problems like this can be permanently put behind me. If you want to know the specifics, feel free to drop me an email [] and ask what you like. While I am open and honest, I believe this website should remain professional and clear of any personal life details. 

Q. How much will Everdark cost?

A. Currently I am trying to aim between the £40-£50 mark. The debate that rages is the models I have for the game. The game looks best with the miniatures, but the cost jumps because of it. If this gets bad, then I will have a basic standard addition, aimed at around £40-45 with card stands and tiles. The miniatures might be put into a deluxe edition, or sold separately. This will be decided after the final quote from Wingo next in April. Watch this space.

Q. 'Edventure Games' - 'Walrus Games' gone? Why the change?

A. Because I am a punny guy! Seems way more fitting to me, and the tone of my games. I was never 100% sold on Walrus Games and was a name originally picked when I was working in education, and my students and I were trying to work out a good name. Due to the hilarious games we played in 10' to Kill, we went for Walrus Games, as the assassin was always the Walrus. However as I evolved as a designer and the company took shake, a new name felt increasingly appropriate to fit the type of tone I wanted the company to take on. So the name was set to change... and when I eventually fell on 'Edventure Games', it just felt right, ya know?

Q. Are you coming back to UKGE 2018

A. Hell yeah I am! This year's stand will be smaller, but significantly more impressive (We're talking Greek columns and funky theme to really kick some visual ass!)

Q. When is the Kickstarter?

A. June 2018? I want to say that that is the aim. However I am not going to say anything until I am confident this is going to happen. June is painfully close. We shall see. I don't want to have any more "Missed dates" or broken promises. All I know is that it is in your hands. Will we see the light? Or will this game fall into Everdark? Be my Guardians... bring Everdark to life!

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