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Welcome To Edventure Games

Started in 2015 as a means to create unique stories, my brother and I were met with excitement and great anticipation for the game we were developing - Everdark.

Following the outstanding feedback, it was decided to take our time with our project and developer our games to be the best they can be. 

Until then, please take a look around the site and feel free to drop emails with questions and feedback. Both are greatly appreciated!

Have a great day!

Ed Harrison

Designer and Developer

United Kingdom

I founded Edventure Games as a creative outlet. My work was noticed by Mythic Games, and they hired me full-time to work for them. I have now been a part of 3 successful kickstarter campaigns:

  • Solomon Kane

  • Reichbusters

  • Super Fantasy Brawl

However, when the sun sets, I unleash my inner designer and create my own stories.

Here are my Edventures!​

Jason H.

Artist and Developer

United States


​Lead Designer for Playground Politics. He will post a short blob of textness here eventually. I will chase him about this. :)

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