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THE CITY OF PHOS - The Game Board

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Where is Phos?​

Stranded and lost to time, Phos is a beacon of light and source of hope for all trapped in the depths of the Everdark. Those trapped in this forsaken realm never stray from its walls, as venturing beyond those walls is almost certain death. The city itself is Greek-esque in appearance, but whether that means they are ancestors or descendants of Greece itself is not known. Even to the people themselves, they are not sure, for so long they have been lost from the eyes of Kronos. What they do know is that only one God remains in their lives and his name is Helios.

Merciful and ever present Helios bestowed a part of himself within the city, "The Great Light", to watch over and protect the people from the Everdark. When all the other Gods abandoned the people, he took pity and gave them one final hope to cling to. It is said that should the people survive the long night then they will be returned back to their own world. Years? Decades? Centuries...? Some dread to think it could be millennia before this will happen. Until then, wait they do, and survive they must.  

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Lost in the Dark!​

The streets of Phos are a winding mess and form a bit of a maze. To the unfamiliar, it is easy to get lost as the city twists around you. It might be unnerving when you first experience this for yourself, and you might even wonder how and why this happens. The twisting of the tiers to the city is controlled by the Guardians, it is one of the many mysteries that the city hides.

The city is broken into 6 tiers; the outer farms and temples [white], the civilian suburbs [blue], communal areas [yellow], the army quarters [red] and the Council of Light and city administration [green]. The final tier is the middle of the city, which houses the Light of Helios - The Great Light. The Light resides the top of a great temple, where the Light can shine down upon all around it. [WHAT IS LIGHT?] 


These rings of the city turn swiftly, breaking up clumps of darkness before they can get too great, and also allowing quick access to parts of the city that could otherwise take hours to get to. This ingenious innovation in city networking has served the people of Phos well, but to the new Guardians that have to use it to save the city, it can also be a curse. They get easily lost and need to work together to use this power to help.

The Outer Temples​

The outer temples of the city are the starting location for players and where the newest recruits for the Guardians are trained. Each Guardian played by players will set forth to defend the city from the horrors within the Everdark, wielding their powers with Light to expel it from within the walls. They will exit the temples weak and underpowered, but as they prove themselves capable in their duties, they will increase in both power and reputation. Support will flock to their side, and powerful allies will pledge their abilities to your cause. Use these powers wisely, and save as many as you can. Your journey to becoming the new Lightbringer begins here, at the outer temples.

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