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“Ultimately there can only be one to rule over the City of Phos.… assuming there is even anything that survived. For what is there to rule over, if all that’s left is shadow and death?”
– The Council of Light

What is Everdark?

Everdark is a 2-4 player rotating maze strategy game where teamwork is encouraged but by no means guaranteed. It is a mid-level game taking 90 minutes to play. The length of the game can depend on the rule variation used by players. The key reasoning for that is that the use of the timer (whilst recommended) is not compulsory. This, among other rules, allows flexibility among players to play Everdark in a way of their own choosing.

How does the game work?

Players are given events to complete that are located around the city board. They have to navigate their way to these locations by moving their character and twisting the rings on the board. They can perform 4 of these actions every turn until the end of the round, by which point, any areas that are not defended succumb to darkness and the maze becomes harder to navigate. Twisting the rings will allow them to line up the streets to create a path they can move through. Once they get to the event, they must then attempt the mission and complete it. Doing so will score them points, support and crystals, which will be explained below.

How to complete events​?

Events are broken into 6 different areas;


  • Failed

  • Evacuated

  • Defended

Event Scene

  • Event Name

  • Event Scene

Board Location

  • Event Location

When attempting events, there are 3 outcomes that can follow. You can successful defend the area, expelling the darkness from the streets and saving the citizens that live within. You can evacuate the area, which will save many lives, but still many souls perished to the darkness. The area is contested and your forces will continue to battle there for the duration of the Everdark. While not lost to the darkness, neither was it defended, so you need to move on from here, as there is little more you can do.

The final outcome that can happen, is the you fail to defend the area. The darkness consumes all that resided within the district, and the area has become EVERDARK. The area can no longer be entered by anyone, and the streets are filled with death and the horrors that lie within. You might be able to reclaim the area in the future, but no reward will come from the people, only the increased chance for the city to survive. 

What happens following a failed event - falling to the EVERDARK​?

Once an event is failed and the area falls to Everdark, the space is covered with a darkness tile. This tile will hold a number on it. This works in 2 ways:

1 - It is how many light crystals are required to clear the space and allow it to be entered again

2 - How much damage it does to the city of Phos.

When damage is dealt to the city, it takes that health off the board. Once it reaches the skull the first time, the 100% space is covered. Second time, the 50% space is covered. The 3rd and final time it reaches the skull, its game over for all. Once either the 100% or 50%s is covered, it cannot be brought back. So going past those thresholds is a risky business. 

Surviving with the following spaces covered/uncovered results in the following victory:

  • Heroic Victory   - 100% & 50% visible

  • Victory   - 50% visible

  • Pyrrhic Victory   100% & 50% covered

  • Defeat    100%, 50% and skull call covered

What ever the score is at the end of the 5 rounds will determine the strength of your victory (or defeat). So keep an eye on the health of the city. For what is there to rule, if all that is left is shadow and death?

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