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Everdark: The Story so far…

This is a first draft. I am editing it at the moment:


The Everdark – It is a never-ending ocean of black. In all directions, for as far as anyone can tell, there is only the empty barren void. To venture out there brings only certain death. The lost city of Phos lies hidden here, an island of light adrift in the nothing. A result of now forgotten sins, the people of the city are imprisoned in the endless Everdark by the Gods they so greatly revered. However, as the Gods turned their backs on their wayward children, one stayed to keep watch. Seeing their desperate plight, Helios, God of the Sun felt pity and compassion towards the people. Giving them once last chance to prove themselves worthy, he gave the city a piece of himself. The piece became known as ‘The Great Light’ and was to shield them from the Everdark and the horrors within. As long as they have faith in Helios, the light would always burn. Therefore, he left them there, returning every day high above ensuring that they endured their punishment.

Soon after being gifted this Light, its power began to wain and dim. It was decided that one person should dedicate their existence to being its protector and keeping it ever burning. This person was considered to be a person with the greatest faith within all the city and would became known as ‘The Lightbringer’. In essence, they were the ruler of the city, and the faith of the people flows through them. Harnessing this faith as an energy source, it is used to keep the Great Light burning bright, proving to the Gods that they are worthy and deserve saving from their wretched fate.


When each Lightbringer draws to the end of their life, a disciple of unquestionable faith is selected from the ranks of the Guardians. It is agreed by the city council that they are the most devout of all the followers of The Light. These candidates live in the outer temples beyond the walls and have incredible abilities in combat, leadership and in using their own Spirit for defensive and aggressive purposes. When the time is right, the chosen Guardian is bestowed with the gift of The Light in a great ceremony with all the people. During this ceremony, the Light leaves the old Lightbringer and the faith of the people envelopes the new Lightbringer. In this way, the Light will always burn for as long as there is a Lightbringer to embody the faith and hope of the people. For if he should die without being replaced or fail in their duty, then the Light will fade and the city will be plunged into EVERDARK.


This is where your story begins. You awaken from your slumber to the desperate cries of the guards – brothers and sisters trained since birth to never show fear. You grab your staff and hurry towards temple courtyard to see what the commotion is about. You push your way through the throng of panicked soldiers in the corridors who are desperately trying to get inside. Their discipline is gone and their spirits broken. You make it to the temple entrance and step outside – however your eyes do not take the usual amount of time to adjust between the dim interior of the temple and the bright outside. For one simple reason. It was no longer bright.


“What in Helios’ name is…”

You stop the thought immediately as your mind comes to terms with the reality before you. The Great Light has stopped burning with the intensity it has done so for an age. As its power wanes, you watch, powerless to stop the Everdark sweep across the outer crops and fields. Like a great flood, it consumes everything and everyone in its path, stopping only when it breaks against the walls of the city in the distance. The muffled screams of the people caught in its wave silenced in moments. You want desperately to save them, but you know they are lost. A fate worse than death fell upon them. Their spirits would have been consumed the moment it touched them – the horrors within would have made sure of that.

With a heavy heart, you turn your eyes to the city. Phos needs you. Her people need you, and if the light is indeed being extinguished, then the Lightbringer need you too. You grab what few soldiers you can muster from their panic and you run towards the city gates, clearing the Everdark as you pass. You don’t know what has happened, but you know you do not have long to save everyone. The fate of Phos is in your hands.

May the Light guide you, and good luck!


We’ve come a long way in a year. Here Mike from Who Dares Rolls found me at UKGE and had to interview me. I was really humbled by this, and I loved every second. He found me again this year. So nice have such a genuine fan. You rock Mike!

Above is the game being showcased at UKGE 2016 with “Who Dares Rolls” – (

The interview shows the game in its current state and talks viewers through the current gameplay elements. The kickstarter is being pushed back as I work on alterations to the rules, but all things point to positive outcomes and exciting results in the future!

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