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Guardians - Wielders of the Light

Who are the Guardians?​

The Guardians are the last line of defence against the Everdark. They possess immense power over Light and channel it through their body to repel and disperse the Everdark wherever they find it. Without their protection, we all would have succumb to the Everdark centuries ago. They can come from any class of citizen that shows potential and they spend their whole lives training in the outer temples. It is a great honour to be chosen for this sacred duty, and when a potential Guardian is discovered, they come destined for initiation into the Guardian ranks. On the day of their 16th birthday, they are taken to train in the outer temples so that they can give their life to the service of the city. 

The 4 outer temples of Phos both act as training houses for Guardians to strengthen their spirit and also acts as the first line of defence . Within the temple walls, a Guardian can expect to spend the vast majority of their time training how to harness their spirit and mould it into Light. It is essential they learn to channel it both through their body and their weapons to be as effective as possible. Should the Guardians fail in their duties, then the citizens they swore to protect are in danger of falling to the darkness. ​

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What is  'Light'?​

Light is an energy that can be drawn from deep within a person's very being. They channel it and harness it through great effort, and can form it into tools and weapons. While low level Light is little more passive and appears as a bright mass, a more power Guardian can begin to harden it into a physical tool to solve problems. It can cut through physical matter, as well as pass through a physical surface and then grip it. This versatility can allow for very creative uses, such as creating a stairway of light to access hard to teach areas, or even unlock a gate that has been barred from the other side. As a weapon, it can be used to attack and destroy the very soul of a person, passing through their physical body and severing a spirits bound to this reality. Thus effectively killing a person. This can be traumatic to witness and should only be performed in extreme cases, the sight of seeing a spirit being severed from this plane can affect you on a level you can't quite describe. A part of your being becomes damaged in doing so, like your very being is aware of this unnatural act. It has been known to drive Guardian's mad, and often execution is the only cure. This is extreme, but a Guardian who no control over mind and body can be an extreme threat that can threat the lives of those around. A Guardian who has lost control has to be exterminated at all costs immediately. 

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