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  • Why has Everdark not launched yet?
    Everdark was going to launch, however I was hired by Mythic Games, and my life took a bit of a turn. As a result, until I was settled down in my new job and home, I put it on hold. Since that took time, the project is delayed while I rebuild a following and work on the Edventure branding.
  • I thought Everdark was finished?
    Yes it was indeed finished. There had been plans for a publisher to get involved, but that eventually fell through. As a result, it has fallen back to me to see it finished. So I am updating all the graphics and putting all my new knowledge into the project. I will need to re-market the game on social media, etc... but hey. Final push now!
  • What is happening to the Everdark kickstarter?
    The kickstarter page is going to be re-done and improved. I have been a part of 2 campaigns, and supported 3 in total. My confidence in the process has grown immensely, and I feel ready now to take this on. I do this by myself, so it was quite a daunting prospect a year ago. Now it is time for me to launch this myself!
  • How much will Everdark cost?
    Currently I am trying to aim between the £40-£50 mark. The debate that rages is the models I have for the game. The game looks best with the miniatures, but the cost jumps because of it. If this gets bad, then I will have a basic standard addition, aimed at around £35-45 with card stands and tiles. The miniatures might be put into a deluxe edition, or sold separately. This will be decided after the final quote from Wingo. Watch this space.
  • Will you be at Essen or UKGE 2020?
    Unfortunately I will be unable to afford booths at either, but I will likely be at the UKGE 2020 in person. Not sure what the plan is yet... Watch this space!
  • Can I ask you a question?
    Please send any questions you have to Alternatively, please go to the 'Contact' page, and complete the form to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • What happened to the name - The Walrus Games?
    The name change seems way more fitting to me, and the tone of my games. I was never 100% sold on Walrus Games and was a name originally picked when I was working in education, and my students and I were trying to work out a good name. Due to the hilarious games we played in 10' to Kill, we went for Walrus Games, as the assassin was always the Walrus. However as I evolved as a designer and the company took shape, a new name felt increasingly appropriate to fit the type of tone I wanted the company to take on. So the name was set to change... and when I eventually fell on 'Edventure Games', it just felt right, ya know? ​
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